Overview :

Journey into some of Thailand’s untouched landscapes on this full day Sumai Island cruise. Head out on the open water and make your way towards Koh Matsum and Koh Tan. Relax on picturesque beaches and swim in turquoise waters. This tour includes stops at five distinct islands and ends with an incredible sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.


  • Full-Day Samui Island Cruise
  • Relax on picturesque beaches and swim in clear blue waters
  • See the sun set over the gulf

What You Can Expect:

From the vibrant tourist areas of the north and east coast, to the undeveloped, picturesque southern Islands Koh Matsum and Koh Tan. Enjoy Koh Samui’s beautiful scenery while passing the various beaches and bays. Cruising through the Five Islands back to the northern beaches ending unique days with great sunsets. (May be subject to weather conditions.) Koh Tan is a few hundred meters off the southwestern coast of Koh Samui from Taling Nam fishing village. It is a small, largely unspoiled island, known for its coral and marine life.

Giant clams, fan corals and a wide variety of fish species live in and around the protected reefs. On the island lies a small pristine village and there is neither car nor road. Koh Tan can be reached by local long tail fishing boat. Koh Matsum is just south of Koh Tan, opposite the beaches by the Laem Sor Chedi and it is also a popular spot for a day trip. A long sandy beach is a favorite with local Thai tourists for picnics, and there are often groups of students camping on the beach or singing songs around campfires. It’s a good place to join the locals on a ‘tio’, Thai for day out.

The islands are known locally as the “Four Islands-Five Islands” as one island is hidden behind another when viewed from the shore. These islands are protected by Sea Gypsy guards, who deal harshly with anyone trying to sneak in under cover of darkness. Such visitors are not tourists desperate for an adrenaline rush, but poachers who are out to thieve the bird’s nests that are found within the caves and craggy rocks. The bird’s nests are the principle ingredient of Chinese bird’s-nest soup. At great risk, agile gathers clamber up a web of bamboo poles to reach nests for which Hong Kong restaurants will pay up to $4000 a kilo. Few outsiders have ever set foot on the islands.